It is phenomenon – the wonder of light- that we try to capture in our work.


We use layered metal fabrics and other media, including real flower blossoms and leaves, to create vessels which contain, reflect, project, and otherwise express the nature of light.  Each vessel is created by the hand application of media onto the metal fabric - bringing lighting effects to the form and space of the vessel and it’s environment. Our hand-crafted production process results in a precise imperfection where no two fixtures are exactly alike.  To capture the artistic spirit and individuality, each piece is numbered and signed.

Starry Lights are available in a variety of styles and formats - including table and floor lights, wall sconces, and pendants.  We utilize a variety of  LED light sources best suited for each fixture to provide the desired lighting effects in an energy saving package.   All fixtures utilize UL approved sockets and are available with either standard or cloth covered cords in many colors and styles. 

With Starry lights the possibilities are endless:  Our constellations of light can be expressed in any color and with many varieties of flowers, leaves or foliage. Our product line may be customized to suit your individual needs. Please contact us to talk about which combination of color and vegetation that would work in your space.